Шлем для мотоциклиста MT HELMETS Thunder 3 SV Bow Open Face Helmet

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Цвет:Матовый синий
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Матовый синий


Shell: TECHNOLOGY H+I+R+P: - The HIRP (High Impact Resistant Polymer) Material is formulated by a polymer injected into very precise blocks to provide better properties such as lightness and impact resistance. Size : - 2 external shell sizes ECE protection: - “ECE” approved protection DOT protection: - DOT approved protection Liner: Removable and washable pads: - All MT HELMETS helmet pads are easily removable for cleaning with warm water and neutral soap. The pads are antiallergic and antibacterial. Air inlets: - To have effective ventilation, it is imperative that the air actually enters the hull. MT HELMETS uses high-tech air permeable fabrics inside the high-end helmet. Air extraction: - To have good ventilation one of the most important features is the extraction of air in the back of the helmets. The extractor facilitates the creation of an air flow through the hull so that heat can be evacuated from inside it. Fire retardant interior: - The materials used for the interiors of MT HELMETS helmets are made with flame retardant fibers to ensure optimum safety. Multiple internal tissues: - We have a diversity of fabrics for the interiors of the helmets. Security: Micrometric buckle closure: - Micrometric buckle closure system Shell absorption of impacts: - Internal shell of high impact absorption. Internal polystyrene: - Multiple density internal polystyrene Visor: Anti-scratch screen in optical polycarbonate: - The flexibility and resistance of polycarbonate guarantees optimum safety and the optical factor allows higher levels of light transmission. The anti-fog treatment ensures a clean and safe vision. Internal sunscreen: - Internal sunscreen system What the box contains: - Thunder 3 sv jet - Manual - Protective sheath