Digital Blood Pressure Sport Wrist Monitor

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Артикул: 13860402
  • Описание

    Pick up this Veridian Digital Blood Pressure Sport Wrist Monitor to keep track of one of the most important barometers of cardiovascular health. It provides systolic, diastolic and pulse readings simultaneously on an easy-to-read, oversized digital display screen. The monitor includes a 90-reading memory bank that gives an average for the last three readings. Also featured are a hypertension indicator that provides an instant comparison to standards set by the World Health Organization and an irregular heartbeat detector that alerts the user during measurement. This wrist cuff blood pressure monitor is fully automatic, features one-button operation and is appropriate and easy to use at home. If the hypertension is not treated or controlled, the excessive pressure on the artery walls can lead to damage of the blood vessels (cardiovascular disease) as well as the vital organs.