Кухонный нож Zwilling Brotmesser Diplome 54206-241-0

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With the bread knife from the ZWILLING Diplôme series, you can slice bread and bread rolls without effort. This is because the ZWILLING knife’s 24 cm long blade is manufactured from FC61 steel. This special material is characterised by its particular hardness. The bread knife has a particular serrated blade, making cutting a pleasure. What is more, thanks to their ergonomically-formed handles in the hard-wearing three-rivet design, the knives of the ZWILLING Diplôme series lie particularly comfortably in the hand. Even when working for longer periods of time, for instance when having to halve many bread rolls for a reception or garden party, the hands and wrist joints show no sign of fatigue. What is more, the “Le Cordon Bleu” cooking school, where tomorrow’s top chefs are trained, was involved in the development of the ZWILLING Diplôme series. Thus this knife series also satisfies the highest demands of professionals. ZWILLING uses high-quality plastic for the bread knife handle. It is seamlessly connected with the blade, and therefore there are no cavities in which dirt can gather. Three rivets ensure a firm hold. With this beautiful and perfectly-designed knife, which has a 24 cm long blade made of FC61 steel, you can even cut your bread in extremely thin slices.