Case for Raspberry Pi 4B - black - MaticBox 4

Case for Raspberry Pi 4B - black - MaticBox 4
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Product description: Housing for Raspberry Pi 4B - black - MaticBox 4

A universalblackenclosure designed forRaspberry Pi 4B. It consists ofeight parts(two front covers - low and high profile, mounting base, two-part body, plastic screen - overlay cover, fan spacer). The base is designed to be easily attached to any surface or object, including DIN rail. Screw holes allow the base to be attached to flat surfaces. It is also equipped with eight slots to allow mounting with cable ties. The three side panels of the enclosure, on the other hand, have openings that are used for ventilation and for routing cables to connect peripheral devices. The low-profile cover can be used when there are no overlays or when these overlays are relatively thin and do not contain large components. It makes the enclosure up to 28.5 mm high (without mounting base).

Stackable enclosure - overview drawing.

Stackable enclosure

Thanks to the special design of the feet, it is possible to stackenclosures. They ensure a secure connection with the enclosure underneath.

Overlay protection

The MaticBox 4 kit includes an overlay cover or GPIO connectors. We often add overlays with large components to the Raspberry Pi. The cover includes a cutout on the short side for access to the terminals on the expansion card. When the cutout is not needed, it can cover it with the screen included in the kit.

The overall dimensions of the MaticBox, including the cover, allow for mounting on a standard DIN rail.

Ventilation slots and fan adapter

The MaticBox 4 has multiple ventilation slots for natural airflow.A fancan also be attached to the enclosure. This is helpful for an overlay that limits the available space above the CPU.

The included fan cap can also be attached to the case body. It allows you to mount25 x 25mmfans with heights ranging from 5mm to 10mm, running at 5V or 3.3V. The supplied fan spacer helps to accommodate CPU heatsinks and low profile fans. The fan mount can be rotated 180° to accommodate different CPU locations.

The chassis kit does not include theRaspberry Pi 4Bminicomputer orfan, these can be purchased separately - feel free to check out our offerings.

Ventilation slots and fan adapter - reference drawing. Raspberry Pi and fan can be purchased separately.

Housing elements for Raspberry Pi 4B - MaticBox 4.

10 features of the MaticBox 4 enclosure
  • Low profile cover
  • Cover caps
  • Grooved cover to close the gap between the overlay cover
  • Fan adapter
  • Fan spacer
  • Possibility to mount the fan directly in the housing
  • Base can be screwed to the surface
  • Base can be fixed with cable ties
  • Base can be attached to a DIN rail
  • Stackable enclosures
Special spaces for stickers, labels, LED indicators

A professional look is essential. The enclosure has four prepared places, where you can put stickers or project labels. A special indentation ensures that labels do not fall off or peel off. Two round holes in the covers provide access to the LED on the expansion card.

Special places for sticker, label, LED indicator - illustration.

Specification of MaticBox 4 enclosure
  • Colour: black
  • Material of workmanship: ABS
  • Compatibility: Raspberry Pi 4B
  • Maximum dimensions of the enclosure after folding (with high-profile cover): 63 x 93 x 49 mm
Set contents
  • MaticBox 4 enclosure consisting of 8 parts
  • User manual
  • MaticBox sticker
Useful links
  • Instruction manual