Корейская сыворотка, ампула или масло для лица Cos De BAHA Galactomyces 94% Skin Repair Serum with Niacinamide 2% - Reduce Pore and Blackheads and Comedones, Uneven Skin Tone Treatment for Facial, Hydrates Facial, 1 Fl Oz

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  • OUR GALATOMYCES KOREAN SERUM IS USED AS A MOISTURIZING AGENT AND HAS ANTIOXIDANT EFFECTS. It improves the skin's moisture barrier, helping to protect the skin from environmental stress.
  • GALATOMYCES SHOWED A DECREASE IN THE NUMBER OF BLACKHEADS, and the amount of sebum and keratin in the face was improved. They further demonstrated that the levels of skin were improved after treatment. Furthermore, the number of comedones were decreased.
  • OUR GALATOMYCES SERUM BOASTS NIACINAMIDE AND HYALURONIC ACID to smooth away wrinkles and improve elasticity for a stunningly youthful glow.
  • Galatomyces is a raw material used in SK ii facial treatment essencea and is one of the most widely used raw materials in Korea.
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