Отпугиватель грызунов - Viano Quattro-Светодиодный OD-06

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230 V
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Description: Rodent de-stresser - Viano Quattro-Led OD-06

High quality ultrasonicrepellentmade by Polish companyViano. Equipped with as many asfour buzzers, which emit unpleasant sound signals for rodents. Loudspeakers are located on four sides of the device and disperse the signal evenly. In ideal conditions (without physical obstacles), the buzzer is able to provide a signal spreading over an area of about 1000m2.The device also has 4 powerfulLEDs.(on each side of the device on the cover of each buzzer).

The dehumidifier has four buzzers and four LEDs.

Uninvited rodents in the apartment is a danger

Many apartments are accessible by small rodents through open or ajar windows, balcony or entrance doors, and find paths under the floor, wall holes or attic entrances. The situation applies to both urban and ruraldwellings. Animals are attracted to the flats by the heat, the smell of food or the desire to findnew accommodation.

Unfortunately, the movement of such "guests" around the rooms often results in bittenwires, damagedequipment, stolen food and equipment, and practically always involves the unpleasant smell of urine and faeces left in various places. To repair the damage, a lot ofmoney and timeis often needed to do this, but the greatest danger comes from diseases transmitted by wild animals. A person can become infected by eating something that a rodent has passed through, or having direct contact with it. An effective way out of this situation is to use an electronic ultrasonicdeterrent.

The repellentgenerates ultrasounds that are unpleasant for the rodents, without harming the animals.

The frequencies of the ultrasound emitted

The manufacturer has taken care to ensure that animals approaching the transmitter do not get used to one pitch. This is why a system is implemented in the device, which ensures that the pitch is constantlychanging.It is worth noting, however, that these changes only take place within a certain frequency range - the idea is that the ultrasound generated will deter rodents but not affectdomestic animalssuch as dogs or cats.

The variable frequency of the generated ultrasound prevents rodents from getting used to one unpleasant sound.

Installation of the device

Installation of the device is very simple, quick and requires no specialist knowledge. The product comes with a dedicatedpower supply unitthat converts alternating current from a standard electrical outlet into direct current. It is worthwhile to install the device in a visible place inside the building or outside (preferably under a roof, as the casing hasIP44protection standard - it does not protect enough against moisture). The point is that the sound and light emitted can spread asfreelyas possible in places potentially threatened by attempts to enter the building and that the device has access to the electrical outlet. A good place can be the attic, the entrance in front of the house or the terrace.

The necessary mounting elements and a 12-volt mains adapter are included.

Scares, but does not hurt. And it is ecological!

The offered horn is an excellentsubstitute forthe until recently popular violent rodent traps. Our device is much more effective, provides a lasting effect for a long time anddoes notharm the animals. The operation of the device is based on a transistor circuit, instead of a delicate microprocessor circuit, which would be much less resistant to temperature changes. The flashingLEDsconsume little energy and are perfect for deterring pests such as martens in particular. The entire device can operate continuously - 24hours a day -and will still draw an unnoticed amount of power.

The dehumidifieris powered by the included 12-volt mains adapter.

Technical specifications
  • Power supply: 230 V
  • Power consumption: 60 mA
  • Angle of ultrasound emission 360°
  • Ultrasonic range up to 200 metres
  • Operating temperature from -30°C to 70°C
  • Dimensions 95 x 95 x 50 mm
The set includes
  • 1x Quattro-Led repellent
  • 2x mounting screws
  • 2x plastic pins
  • 1x mounting bracket
  • 1x power supply
Useful links
  • Manufacturer's website


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