SHIMANO XT MT800 Center Lock Brake Disc Серый, 160 мм

5 319 ₽
Размер:160 мм
  • Доставка из Испания
  • Продавец DESTE FZ LLC
  • Курьер EMS 16 октября
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160 mm

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DEORE XT - Durability and performance for today´s mountain bikers - The new DEORE XT M8100 series includes innovative features such as the MICRO SPLINE sprocket cassette with 10-45T or 10-51T teeth development, 1x12 or 2x12 HOLLOWTECH II crankset , powerful 2-piston and 4-piston brakes, adjustable ISPEC-EV shifters, 12-speed rear derailleur and derailleur, ICE TECHNOLOGIES FREEZA fast-cooling rotors and complete wheel sets for XC or Enduro, all adjusted to The needs of mountain bikers today. - Brake discs: DEORE XT brake discs with ICE TECHNOLOGIES FREEZA (RT-MT800) technology have been designed to maximize cooling, resulting in consistent braking performance and longer brake pad life. The sandwich aluminum core, cast with the outer layer of durable steel, dissipates heat through its central fins. The available sizes are 140 mm (88 g), 160 mm (109 g), 180 mm (132 g) and 203 mm (164 g). - Leave each adventurer who rides a MTB, on each outing to the adventure, whether up or down, accelerating or braking, on gravel, on rocky terrain or on a mountain path, responding to the cyclist´s will, conquering every situation and subtly allowing the cyclist´s awareness to be part of his experience ... all for a successful adventure, with the new SHIMANO DEORE XT. Features: - Stable and versatile brake performance in the most demanding conditions - High and constant brake performance - New ICE TECHNOLOGIES FREEZA construction to improve heat dissipation - Surface temperature is reduced by 20 ° C Specifications: - Average weight: 147 g (203 mm), 131 g (180 mm), 108 g (160 mm), 89 g (140 mm ) - Remarks: No paint on end. - Ice Technology - ICE TECHNOLOGY Freeza (Radiator fin) - Alloy closure ring - CENTER LOCK - Outside Diameter: 203 mm, 180 mm, 160 mm, 140 mm - Pad Compatibility: Metal, Resin Technologies: - ICE TECHNOLOGIES FREEZA, ICE TECHNOLOGIES, in combination with the construction of the FREEZA brake disc, quickly dissipates heat to obtain a more consistent brake performance in extreme conditions, extend the life of the pad and reduce noise and brake wear. Advantages and features: - Light-duty paint-coated rotors to disperse heat in segments with exposed aluminum layers offer superior cooling, consistent brake performance and lighter performance under all conditions. - Brake pads coated with aluminum / stainless steel fins help to dissipate heat quickly, which reduces maintenance, lengthens the life of the pad and reduces noise and brake wear. - ICE TECHNOLOGIES and FREEZA offer more consistent brake performance by lengthening the life of the pad and reducing noise and brake wear. The lightweight and highly efficient three-layer sandwich structure in stainless steel / aluminum / stainless steel improves heat dispersion. - CENTER LOCK, The CENTER LOCK system makes it easy to install the disc with groove mounting and a sealing ring. The mounting system of the closing ring reduces working hours by decreasing the amount of time for both installation and disassembly. In addition, safety fixation with groove mounting increases accuracy and rigidity while improving braking efficiency.


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